Shop with friends, get cashback on checkout!

🛒 Abandoned your cart...again?
🙄 Waiting for your favourite store to go on sale?
😷 Love shopping with friends but can't get out?

A new social shopping experience is here. 

Win on purple

How to m8buy

Open the distinctive purple button on your favorite store

  • Offer screen
    Device frame
  • Intro screen
    Device frame
  • How it works screen
    Device frame
  • Create a shopping group

    Invite friends to join the shopping group 

  • Beat the timer!

    Each friend makes their purchase within the set timeframe

  • Get instant cashback

    Everybody gets cashback on their purchase depending on how many in the group have bought

    • Like shopping with friends? Love discounts?

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      Some frequently asked questions

      Meet the team

      Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
      • Arjun
        Arjun Singh

        Arjun is a computer engineer turned investment banker (pre-m8buy). Fun fact: he has lived in 12 cities before moving to Sydney.

        Now he is leading m8buy's operations, product, and finance. 

      • Johann
        Johann Grunberger

        Apart from rocking headshots on Deus catalogs (lol), Johann has founded or been an executive at five Australian or international start-ups in his career. 

        He leads m8buy's retail partnerships and marketing efforts, whilst helping build its product with the team.

      • Kirit
        Kirit Kundu

        When Kirit was not scaling some of the worlds largest banking infrastructure, he was designing his own games in his (little) spare time.

        A highly regarded technical executive within the banking and insurance industries, he is responsible for making the m8buy social shopping layer hum.

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